Xinghua Changjiu International Hotel


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Address:No.90 Chang'an South Road, Xinghua, Jiangsu
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Xinghua is the first full-service business hotel designed and built according to the international luxury five-star standard. It is located at the intersection of Chengnan Road and Chang'an South Road in Xinghua City. It has a superior geographical location and is close to Wanda Plaza and other major business districts. There are many enterprises, colleges, supermarkets and hospitals around. The total construction area of the hotel is about 90000 square meters, with a building height of 120 meters, one floor underground and 24 floors above the ground. The appearance is dry hung with all glass curtain wall, vivid, simple and luxurious. The landscape is written by top designers and integrates the characteristics of Xinghua water town to create the image of the South portal of Xinghua. It is the leading international luxury five-star hotel in Central Jiangsu (Taizhou). The hotel has 260 deluxe guest rooms, 1 full-time restaurant and 9 Deluxe catering private rooms of different styles; One luxurious pillarless grand banquet hall with a net height of 9 meters and 1500 square meters, four multi-functional conference halls with a net height of about 400-700 square meters and various small conference rooms are your first choice for holding grand activities. In addition, the hotel can also provide air lawn space for outdoor wedding ceremony, which is your only choice